Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vegan Eating in Chicago, Round Two

The Curious Vegan has already extolled Karyn's on Green.  A return visit was just as good.  The "Crab Cakes" consisting of grilled bok choy, rosemary aioli, and yukon gold pepperonata were fantastic, and the sliders as good as before.  The Curious Vegan invited friends to Handlebar where I recommend the Blackened Tofu Fajitas.  The Samosas and Guacamole were also excellent.  This place is not entirely vegan, but the waiters are helpful and the menu facilitates separating the vegans from the vegetarians -- not to mention those willing to eat fish.  The Curious Vegan has also been to Chicago Diner where I can recommend the "wings," the BBQ Bacon Cheezeburger (neither bacon nor cheese, of course), and especially the vegan shake.  I have noticed that vegan/soy drinks are heavier on the chocolate; over time I would learn to dilute them with regular soy milk.  I have been filling out my meals with prepared food from Whole Foods (I continue to like the tofu dishes from the food bar) and a variety of rice and quinoa dishes at home.  I like soy milk a bit too much, and it is perhaps unfortunate that french fries can be vegan friendly.

My High School graduation looms ahead.  My family has reserved a large table at a Chicago steakhouse, and people frequently ask me whether I will continue with veganism after June 2nd when my Senior Project is due to end.  I think this is unlikely but I have gained a newfound appreciation for many of the vegan restaurants and dishes.  I do not think that I will be repulsed when meat is put before me, but only time will tell.

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